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Global cosmetics knowledge meets
the Korean efficiency

Global cosmetics knowledge meets the Korean efficiency

Global Cosmetic Knowledge

We are a vibrant color cosmetics product development center with a strong focus on innovation from raw materials, formulations, manufacturing to testing.
Our mission is to make this world more fun and beautiful through our innovative products.

Speech from CEO Marco Nannini

Marco Nannini

“After spending nearly two decades developing some of the most iconic color cosmetic products as an R&D and regulatory director for an Italian ODM company, I made the decision to start my own beauty atelier. In this atelier, creativity meets efficiency, and every client becomes a partner.

Allow me to introduce kOnirica. The name itself holds a profound meaning, as the "k" stands for Korea, while "Onirica" in Italian means dreamlike. Our beauty atelier aims to bring a dreamlike experience and results to all our clients through our global team with professional experience covering all aspects of cosmetics and cultures.

Our company excels not only in delivering exceptional service and innovative products, but also in cultivating strategic partnerships built on a deep understanding of our clients' brand stories and needs. We approach our work with a high level of empathy, ensuring that our clients always take center stage.”

The Beauty Atelier

Korean Efficiency

We are proud to offer a variety of products and services that are exclusive to our business.
We ensure that every project receives time and attention from our highly experienced staff.

  • Personalized
    Customer Service

  • Simplified Processes

  • Inclusive In All Area

Take center stage with us!


Take center stage with us!